Equipe Vittorio, a universe of experience, professionalism and creativity, brought together in a name and a brand.

For over 60 years, Equipe Vittorio has been dedicated to perfecting the beauty of every woman maintaining a constant philosophy over time: every woman is unique and only by revealing her personality and listening to her needs can a perfect look be created that is in harmony with her, and reflects her ideal of beauty.

Personalization, therefore, is at the root of the Group style, but this is combined with hair care, constant research, technological innovation and attention to trends.

Let our professional and specialized staff take care of you.

They will advise you about the best every day haircut for you and make suggestions for the most suitable styling for every occasion.

Make an appointment and come to see us, our hairstylists are ready to welcome you.

Alternatively, if you desire a one-to-one service simply contact us and one of our experts will join you wherever you wish.

Six hairstyling salons: independent but with shared Group know-how.

A philosophy which sees every client as unique, just as her needs and wishes are unique.

Our objective: to satisfy your expectations by competitiveness of technique, quality of service and products and professionalism of our special team.

A final result: a transformation of your hairstyle, color, make up and look for a unique and individual style.